CRG: Growth (Phase 3)

Don't hold back.

Be powerful, inspired and alive!

Continuously replace fear, doubt and negative thoughts with confidence that you can achieve and have anything you want.

Consciously design your Life and constantly choose to do what brings you most joy.

This is the way to flourish.

Collaborate with your Life Coach to explore the following:

  • How do you start your mornings?
  • What messages are you sending your mind before your sleep?
  • Do you recognize good luck when you see it?
  • How in tune are you to your instincts?
  • What do you notice about your awareness since the Change and Renewal Phases?
  • Are you paying attention to your social interactions and daily decisions?
  • Are you in control of your thoughts, reactions and emotions?
  • Does your confidence level need another boost?
  • How can you turn your concerns into motivators?
  • How does taking a step back give you greater insight and control?
  • How is reflection a significant source of power?
  • Are you fears still shaping your life?
  • What do you take for granted?
  • How much do you cherish your life?
  • How are you turning setbacks into stepping stones?
  • How focused and motivated are you to grow and move forward with life?
  • What’s distracting you?
  • Can you see your future?
  • Who are you when at your best?
  • Are you inspired?
  • What is your potential?
  • Describe how you feel when you get what you want.
  • How successful do you want to be?
  • Why should you get what you want?
  • What do you care about?
  • What are your current priorities?
  • What’s your mood and how do you feel?
  • When do you hear and listen to your breathing?
  • What is your body telling you?
  • Where are you putting your energies?
  • How free are you?
  • How easily can you now access your inner strength?
  • How easily can you now access inner peace?
  • Are you living in the past?
  • Are you letting your talents, skills and passions shine?
  • What is your intent in and mindset during each interaction?
  • Do you learn from others?
  • Are you practicing nonjudgmental ways?
  • Do you easily love?
  • What does growth mean to you now?
  • What’s transformation?
  • How does introspection guide you?
  • Describe your Inner Self.
  • How can you strengthen your self-discipline?
  • Will you make Lifeward Choices?

Activities in this phase will encourage the following:

  • Creating and determining your day
  • Flowing in the present and receiving good luck
  • Developing a Good Luck and Gifts File to increase awareness of, appreciate, participate more fully in and attract more good luck experiences and blessings
  • Listening to instincts
  • Making conscious decisions and choices
  • Mastering emotions
  • Fearing less
  • Taking disciplinary time-outs
  • Appreciating and respecting all persons and things at the highest level
  • Nourishing your body
  • Discovering opportunities and welcoming new experiences
  • Maintaining Vision Files, Life Mantras, Dreams/Subconscious Files, Purpose & Desire Files, and The Renewed Me File, which were updated in the Renewal Phase
  • Gaining momentum and drive
  • Finding sources of inspiration
  • Getting back on track
  • Strengthening self-discipline
  • Achieving and being a success
  • Deserving it all with ease
  • Feeling inner peace
  • Being the best you: naturally self-empowered, positive and conscious
  • Exchanging energies and learning from others
  • Practicing nonjudgmental thinking
  • Sharing your talents, skills and passions with others
  • Learning from the past but leaving the past
  • Enhancing reflection and introspection skills
  • Consciously committing to growth and Lifeward Choices