CRG: Renewal (Phase 2)

Who are you?

It's time to reassess your beliefs and assert what you truly want to achieve and experience most in Life. If you don't do this now/today, then when will you do it? What are you waiting for?

Honour your True Self by shedding all perceptions that don't make you excited about Life and being alive.

There's only one you. Share your talents and wisdom - leave your unique signature with the World.

Collaborate with your Life Coach to explore the following:

  • Can you catch your thoughts?
  • How can you consciously direct and redirect your thoughts?
  • How do you replace negative thoughts with positive ones?
  • What are your self-talk habits?
  • What life perspectives did you learn as a child?
  • What do you regret?
  • Where has your journey taken you so far?
  • How do your thoughts pave and determine your future?
  • What’s in your dreams or subconscious thoughts?
  • What do your dreams say about you?
  • What are your innermost desires, interests or concerns?
  • Are you reaching your potential?
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • What does identity and self mean to you?
  • Do you need an identity or strong sense of self?
  • How would you describe your present character?
  • How are your relationships affecting and moulding your character?
  • Why do you wish you could change those people?
  • How long have you been angry with this person?
  • Who validates you?
  • Who criticizes you? (Has this changed?)
  • Who do compare yourself to? (Has this changed?)
  • Can you stand your ground?
  • What kind of person do you wish to be?
  • What does your name mean?
  • Compare your current stress level to the level you had in the Change Phase.
  • How reactive or emotional are you?
  • Do you always see the bigger picture?
  • What does calmness feel like or sound like?
  • How does your present job contribute to your development, knowledge and skill level?
  • How do you feel when you think about yourself in this occupation in the future?
  • What would you like to see different in your work field now or in the future?
  • What do your current situations and environments say about you?
  • What are you passionate about?

Activities in this phase will encourage the following:

  • Developing a Dream/Subconscious File of deep thoughts, beliefs, concerns, fears, desires and needs
  • Dreams and Surroundings Analysis of reoccurring themes, topics, moods and behaviours to identify and then modify current concerns and beliefs according to personal visions and targets
  • Deconstructing labels related to self, personhood, and social roles and expectations
  • Revamping beliefs, values, goals, action plans, Vision Files and Life Mantras initiated in Change Phase
  • Analysing and improving self-talk
  • Developing an attentive and conscientious mindset
  • Exploring self and identity
  • Building character, confidence and power
  • Developing Purpose & Desire Files of the various aspects of personal life purposes and paths at a macro and micro level
  • Examining emotional habits and reaction triggers
  • Exploring calming thought patterns and practices
  • Creating new life perspectives
  • Forming new habits
  • Developing The Renewed Me File of admired traits, new and needed qualities, appealing self-images and renewed life perspectives
  • Nourishing personal talents, skills and passions

Growth Phase 3